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Internet of Things & Supply Chain

Today, the world is fascinated by the Internet of Things and digital transformation, which includes SAP ERP environment, i.e. the central management system of the organization. Why can we talk about [r]evolution, which also applies to the supply chain, logistics and production?


More and more companies choose to process data in memory, and then begin to think about what new technologies to invest, not only to keep pace with competition, but above all to overtake it. Today's fascination with "innovations" have evolved into a real race for the market advantage. It all sounds interesting, but ... unconvincing? Therefore, let's concentrate on the real benefits of Business Intelligence synergy with supply chain management. Internet of Things for SCM allows you to handle shipments in a way you have never seen before.


As a result, customers gain:

  • the ability to check real time of the delivery any time;
  • monitoring the status and quality of the service;
  • full automation;
  • the possibility of immediate response in crisis situations;
  • optimization and improvement of existing processes;
  • detection of errors and threats;
  • risk management, the ability to forecast problems;
  • fast, effective alerting.




The SAP Recognized Expertise Certification for the Supply Chain Management area confirms the knowledge as well as the real experience of the SID team.


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