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In search of IT architecture? Our team of experts renders comprehensive consulting services and provides help in developing conceptual and technical designs. They also provide complex support for implementation of IT processes and further maintenance of systems.


SID works closely with the global top-notch providers like: Dell, HP, Huawei, IBM, Lenovo, Redhat, SUSE, VMware. Therefore the designed and implemented IT solutions are efficient, modern and properly scaled, and what is more, they are also cost-optimized with regard to implementation and further maintenance.


Our experience enables us to offer our customers the full range of modern IT technologies for consolidation and virtualization of processing environments. We provide comprehensive solutions within servers with Intel processors, IBM Power, mass storage, data security systems as well as high-availability systems 


Our offer includes, among others, the following areas:



made by Intel, Dell, HP, Huawei, Lenovo, IBM Power.

Moreover, as one of the few companies in the Polish market we have considerable experience in the supply and implementation of dedicated solutions like SAP HANA Appliance.


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Disk arrays

made by Dell, HP, IBM, Huawei.


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Virtualization of operating systems

VMware - based.




Operating systems

IBM AIX, Redhat, SUSE and many others.


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