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HR Management

Support for HR processes is associated with digitalization and optimization of solutions. The younger generation of employees, including the so-called Millennials have transformed and introduced many changes in management. SAP HCM solutions have been at the top of the list in terms of popularity for years. In the HCM area, not only do we have a wide portfolio of products and services, but above all - a group of satisfied customers.




Our consultants - HR experts have many years of experience, extensive feedback from customers, systematically confirmed by certifications, including product certifications and, among others, SAP Recognized Expertise and ISO for the HCM area. In addition, the SAP HR offer is systematically updated with proprietary solutions that SID consultants have designed to adapt to the user's needs to the fullest extent possible.


HR Operating

Do you also think that the Human Resources Department needs professional tools to efficiently support managers in managing employees and make accurate analysis? Design comprehensively structure of processes and actions of HCM. The flexible, modular system enables the adjustment of functionality to the needs of each HR department.

HR Strategic

How to use the potential of employees and effectively plan all activities in the area of HCM, in order to make the right decisions quickly? Learn about the benefits of using SAP HR solutions.

HR Consultancy

We advise not only in the area of new technologies. Please make yourselves familiar with of our HCM consulting offer. As a result of our analysis, you will be able to optimize your HR processes, better match the training offer, and the employee's annual assessment will be transparent and effective.


Get to know our proprietary solution enabling complex management of working time, employee's annual assessment, project cost management, registration and tracking of tasks assigned to resources. Manage time. Increase the efficiency of the company!

SID Products

Discover original SID products that are a perfect complement to the SAP HR offer. E-PIT, Social Benefits Card, Time and Attendance Card, Loans, as well as employee annual assessment and vacation planning tools supplement the extensive portfolio of solutions, not only for HR departments.

SuccessFactors Cloud-Based HR

Support the team's efficiency, manage recruitment, training, assessments and bonuses. Meet the leader of cloud solutions for HR.

Employee self-service / employee portal

Stop the paper documentation. Let employees be independent. Create an ecosystem that will allow managers to manage quickly and at the same time! Discover SAP Fiori and employee portals!

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