The system of split payments
Adaptation of an SAP system

SID Split Payment

As of July 1, 2018, new regulations, related to the mechanism of split payment, are in force.

A person purchasing a good or service will be able to make one payment to the seller through the use of a dedicated statement during the transaction. Thanks to this, the bank will automatically split the payment and transfer the net amount to the supplier’s bank and VAT accounts respectively.

The purpose of the above change is not only to ensure greater stability of revenue resulting from VAT receipts, but also to prevent tax evasion.

The new regulations force clients using SAP services to implement necessary changes in the IT system.


Benefits for the company:

  • no additional license costs for new products (solution available under the SAP license);
  • in case of changes in regulations SAP adaptation, as part of the Client's licenses.


Benefits of the solution:

  • possibility of storing information on the status of a split payment for a selected contractor in the basic data of the suppliers / buyers:
    • Split payment - possible;
    • Split payment - obligatory;
    • Split payment - impossible.
  • validation for split payments against contractors information;
  • additional configuration indicating which payment methods apply to split payment;
  • providing a model structure for a split payment containing data required by law;
  • automatic readout of VAT value, NIP number and invoice for invoices included in a given payment schedule, an additional tag for items paid under split payment for reports with the Polish location: balances and single items for suppliers / buyers (RFIDPL07 / RFIDPL10).


SID offers an additional package of services complementing the SAP solution, which includes:

  • support with the implementation of the SAP note "2627169 Poland - Split payment: Prerequisite DDIC objects for SAP Note 2624533" and ,,2624533 - Poland - Split Payment”;
  • analysis of additional requirements resulting from the Split Payment mechanism, which are not included in the standard scope of SAP solutions (changes in selected reports, handling partial payments, offsets, partially settled items, etc.);
  • adjustment of payment media in the Customer's system to the requirements of divisible payment in accordance with the SAP note;
  • updates of accounting principles when booking statements for new banking operations;
  • a tool for updating the data of basic suppliers / buyers regarding the new payment method and an additional field activated as part of the SAP 2624533 note;
  • support in ongoing tests;
  • documentation of introduced changes.

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