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Are you thinking of SAP migration to the Cloud? We will not decide for you, but there is no doubt that we will help you choose the optimal solution.

SID offers a wide range of services related to SAP migration to the Cloud including pre-migration preparation (SID Design), support for the migration process (SID Execution) and operational optimizing activities (SID Optimization).

SID Design covers:

  • architecture consultancy:
    • development of the conception for implementation of a SAP solution in the Cloud;
    • selection of elements of infrastructure to be put in the Cloud;
    • multidimensional optimization of SAP instance (costs, efficiency, availability, etc.);
    • analysis and approach to data management (data tiering) with the use of Azure resources;
    • analysis of integration issues in the context of migration to the Cloud.
  • Proof of Concept (PoC) for SAP migration to SAP HANA in the Cloud:
    • allocation of PoC resources;
    • moving the Customer’s system backup to SAP HANA in the cloud;
    • addressing the defined efficiency problems of the Customer’s SAP solution through the migration of the chosen range of reports / programs to SAP HANA.
  • selection of Disaster Recovery Centre (DRC) and High Availability (HA) strategies;
  • SAP security consultancy;
  • license requirements analysis.


SID Execution covers:

  • development of a migration plan including all the needed resources;
  • selection of the right migration scenario;
  • process of moving the selected instances by a team of experienced experts;
  • configuration and implementation of optimization recommendations.


SID Optimization covers:

  • resource use analysis;
  • making a plan for periods of increased demand for resources:
    • memory;
    • processor;
    • disk space;
  • the right allocation of needed resources;
  • managing the entrusted SAP environment.


Sky is the limit. SID expert team will suggest optimal solutions. Contact us! See we don’t have our heads in the clouds!


Our offer encompasses the following areas: Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) – multiple service management in a uniform and standardized manner, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), software applications in the Cloud – ready to use in the field of SAP HCM (SuccessFactors), sales and marketing (Cloud for Customers), finances or an ERP system (SAP S/4HANA), as well as SID proprietary solutions in the Cloud (S4TIME).


Public Cloud

You do not want to worry about IT infrastructure, do you? Or maybe the ability to dynamically manage IT resources is of paramount importance for you? Take advantage of the scalability of resources offered by a public cloud.

Private Cloud

Do you need an IT environment tailored for your enterprise? Do the specifics of your organization require an increased control over resources and IT environment? Private Cloud is what you need!


You do not want to worry about the availability of the basic resources for your data centre, do you? Or maybe you have hardware and you are going to still use it and invest into further systems? You do not need to invest into building your own data centre. Colocation services is all you need!

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