The value of data



Each action starts with making a decision. Make them consciously, based on current and complete data.

Solutions for analytics improve the current operations of enterprises on many levels: from reaching greater number of customers to cost optimization. Technology, changing requirements, and with them solutions, results in a situation in which a constant response to the above becomes a market standard. Equally important is the speed at which your company aggregates data to turn it into business value. 


Business Intelligence is not just data values. Among others, you receive:

  • support of the management team in the process of assessing the effectiveness of the company;
  • the opportunity to make accurate, strategic decisions;
  • clear operational reports based on always up-to-date data.


The SID expert team possesses knowledge and many years of experience in the areas of business data analysis and processing.

In addition, the SID Center of Excellence in SAP HANA provides more and more opportunities, including comprehensive analytical solutions for all business areas.


SAP HANA / in-memory

Instant analysis of large amounts of data in real time. Transactional and analytical processing. Choose a leader in in-memory computing in Poland!


Do you need an efficient, open platform, for historical data as well? Welcome to the new generation of data warehouse - completely optimized and adapted to operate on the SAP HANA platform.


Tell stories by presenting business data in a transparent way. Interactive presentations, maps, infographics - these are just a few options. Use visualization to strengthen the transfer of business data and highlight your arguments.

Data Warehouses

The growing amount of collected information requires solid and efficient databases and data warehouses. Check how you can achieve greater benefits using the SAP HANA platform which is a column in-memory database.

Hadoop / Big Data

Take advantage of the experience of SID experts. Get a dedicated solution for fast analysis of large data sets (Big Data). Select the Apache Hadoop connection with a real-time SAP HANA platform.

Predictive Analytics

Use the power of prediction. Get a competitive advantage. Take advantage of the power of real-time data processing combined with intuitive modelling and advanced visualization.

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