Cookies policy

The Cookies Policy specified below sets forth the principles of storing and accessing data in Devices of the Portal Users to render electronic services by the Controller of the Portal.


§1.Terms and Definitions  

Portal - an Internet portal available at the website address of

Third Party Portal - Internet portals of the partners, service providers or service recipients of the Controller.

Controller – SID Sp. z o.o. conducting business activity at the address of Al. Jerozolimskie 65/79, 00-697 Warsaw, Poland, REGON No.: 141040289. The Controller renders electronic services through the Portal, stores information and accesses information at User’s Devices disclosed by the User in connection with using the services rendered within the Portal.

User - a natural person who is a recipient of electronic services rendered by the Controller through the Portal.

Device - an electronic device with the software that is used by the User to get the access to the Portal.

Cookies - text data stored in the form of text files at the User’s Device.


§2. Types of cookie files:

  • “required” cookie files enable the use of services provided by the portal, e.g. cookies that enable the session;
  • “functional” cookie files enable the portal “to save” settings chosen by the User and User interface personalization, e.g. in the scope of the chosen mobile/desktop version, the last phrases typed in by the User or the layout of a webpage, etc.,
  • “analytical” cookie files that enable the portal to monitor the activity of Users in the portal. 


§3. Safety

Mechanisms of storage and retrieval Mechanisms of storage and retrieval of cookies do not allow to extract any personal data nor any confidential information from the User’s Device. Any transfer of viruses, Trojan horses and other malware to the user’s Device is practically impossible.

Internal cookies, i.e. the cookie files stored and read from the User’s Device by the data communication system of the Portal, used by the Controller, are safe for the User’s Devices.

The Controller shall not be liable for the security of any external cookies, i.e. the cookie files stored and read from the User’s Device by the data communication system of Third-Party Portals. The specification of Partners is provided herein.


§4. Purposes of the use of cookies

Improvement and facilitation of the access to the Portal - The Controller shall have the right to use the cookies to store the information about the User’s preferences and settings concerning the Portal to improve and facilitate the provision of services within the Portal.

Logging in - the Controller uses cookies for the purpose of logging into the Portal.

Marketing and advertising - the Controller and the Third-Party Portals use cookies for marketing purposes and to display advertisements to the Users.

Statistical data – the Controller and the Third-Party Portals use cookies to gather and process statistical data such as visit statistics, Users’ Devices statistics or Users’ behaviour statistics. The data are collected for the purpose of analysis and improvement of the Portal.

Provision of multimedia services - the Controller and the Third-Party Portals use cookies to display multimedia services to the Users.

Social media services - the Controller and the Third-Party Portals use cookies to support social media services.


§5.Serwisy zewnętrzne 

The Controller cooperates with the following Third-Party Portals that may store cookies on the User’s Devices:

  • Google Analytics,
  • Google AdSense,
  • Google AdWords,
  • Facebook, Youtube,
  • LinkedIn.


§6. The possibility to define the conditions of storing and accessing files on the User’s Devices by the Portal and the Third-Party Portals

At any time, the User can modify the settings related to the storage, removal and access to the contents of the saved cookies.

The information on disabling cookies in the most popular desktop and mobile Internet browsers is available at: Google Support site .

At any time, the User can remove any cookie saved up to that moment, using the tools of the User’s Device through which the User uses the services of the Portal.


§7. Portal Requirements

The limitation of storage and access to cookies on the User’s Device may cause improper functioning of some functionalities of the Portal. The Controller shall not be held liable for any malfunctioning of the Portal when the User has, in any way, restricted the possibility to store and access the cookies.


§8.Amendments to the Cookies Policy

The Controller shall reserve the right to amend this Cookies Policy without any prior notification to the Users.

Any amendments to the Cookies Policy shall always be published on this webpage.

The webpage uses cookie files to customize its functionalities to the needs of the users. For more detailed information on the rules of using the cookies, please click "see more".
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