SAP SCM (Supply Chain Management) systems are APS (Advanced Planning System) class systems, that allow for advanced supply chain planning and optimization. They are made up of three core functionalities: demand planing, supply within distribution network planning and planning and scheduling production. By using advanced planning functions clients can optimize their supply chains and by doing that they can drastically decrease operating costs.

By using SAP SCM and advanced planning and optimization module – APO – users are able to create high class planning and optimization projects. All this is possible due to synergy – expert business knowledge combined with knowledge of latest IT technologies. The results are as follows:

Cost reduction due to:

  • lowering supply levels
  • more effective use of resources (machines, equipment, people)
  • shortening of planning cycle
  • shorter refitting times
  • elimination of stoppages resulting from material shortages
  • lowering waste levels

Income increase due to:

  • better customer support
  • faster customer order completion