SID Products

SID offers, among others, following solutions for SAP HCM:

  • SID KCP, Work time card – A tool designed to manage decentralized data relating to work time and work cost endorsement, along with automatic data verification and automatic generation of components dependent on work time.
  • SID PPE Employee retirement program – Allows the user to reproduce all aspects of employee PPE affiliation in SAP – beginning with signing up for the program, going through changes that can occur during participation and ending with membership termination.
  • SID Loans – A solution that allows for complex administration of loan management process – ZFŚS KZP or any installment settling processes for employees and persons not included in the payroll processing system (such as retired employees).
  • SID Social services card – This app allows users to split the process of registering social services and payroll calculation. Payroll department can automatically account for income on any list in a manner it choses (for example, by placing employee income and payments on main lists social services payments on additional lists).
  • SID Holiday planning – Functionality of this module allows users to effectively plan and accept holidays for employees by registering directly in SAP HCM.
  • SID BHP – Protective and work clothing. This application allows users to record and report data and supports processes related to “Protective and work clothing” directly in SAP ERP HCM. This solution is based on standard infotypes and objects from SAP HCM, which guarantees its integration with HR department and allows the permission system to be used.
  • SID E-PIT. This app allows users to generate and send digital version of PIT-11, PIT-40, PIT-8C, PIT-4R, PIT-8AR, IFT-1R declarations to the Polish Income Revenue Services (Urzędy Skarbowe) using encryption and digital signature. It also provides a digital library of PIT documents.
  • SID HRTE. Comprehensive app that supports solution testing for SAP HCM for both implementations and maintenance of applications.