Employee portal, self-service

SAP has a wide portfolio of solutions for HCM area related to employee self-service. Main technologies used in this area are:

Employee portal – A web solution split into ESS (Employee Self-Service) and MSS (Managerial Self-Service) that allows users to directly address some tasks without using paper documentation. Tasks beginning with work time management, through HR submission registering, viewing payroll slips, submitting absence reports and calculating spendings related to travel can be performed by users via web browser. Managers can complete tasks related to managing organization or team using the same, easily accessible system (using functionalities such as reception of submissions, employee evaluation, budgeting, cost planning)

SAP Fiori (UI5 apps) – Tools designed to support atomic processes within an organization, including traffic, for which quick action is required. For this reason, Fiori apps can be used on all kinds of devices that support HTML 5 (computers, tablets, cellphones etc.).

Both of the above solutions allow for creating client services and can use any workflow that includes things like substitutions, organizational structure and less formal relationships.

SAP web portal also offers functionalities related to the following areas:

  • Knowledge management
  • E-Learning
  • Analytics and reporting with SAP BW
  • Intranet