Cloud HR

SuccessFactors system supports the development of human resources, including, among others, employee evaluations, effectiveness management, teamwork, recruitment along with social media integration, e-learning and payroll management, as well as advanced and HCM data monitoring and reporting.

This solution is subscription based, doesn’t require investments in IT – it works on dedicated servers belonging to SAP. SAP SuccessFactors solutions are an offering for companies looking for proven apps that support employee development, immediately ready to run and available in subscription model. SuccessFactors tools are also available on mobile devices.

Two implementation models are currently available for SuccessFactors:

  • Full Cloud HCM Model (Employee Central + Talent Management – both in cloud)
  • Hybrid Model (SAP HCM on-premise version + Talent Management in cloud)
  • Employee Central is cloud counterpart of SAP HCM.