Increased sales, better service quality and increased effectiveness of marketing efforts – SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) offers functionalities supporting key business processes, that directly affect financial results:

  • Sales – development and support of existing client relationships via planning, forecasting, managing field sales structure, client database and contacts, employee actions, client orders, product configuration and pricing
  • Services – support of sales processes by managing agreements related to services offered to clients via service contracts with personnel management and Customer Support Center.
  • Marketing – analysis, planning, development and fulfillment of all marketing efforts of the organization over different client interaction channels
  • Partner cooperation – managing partner relationships by reinforcing their position in relation to competition. Improving marketing, communication and partner recruitment, forecasting partner sales channels along with managing partner orders.
  • Interaction Center – decreasing costs while increasing income from customer interaction center activities in relation to marketing, sales and services. Support for strategic telemarketing, telesales, customer service, HR, IT and Help Desk
  • WWW Channel – fulfillment of e-marketing, e-sales and e-services processes while supporting e-commerce and Web Analytics functionalities