In memory

Immediate analysis of large amounts of data is a necessity nowadays. In order to be successful, you need to work in real-time and use full value of the data gathered.

By employing a solution based completely on operational memory – SAP HANA – you get a fresh approach to business, by defining new business processes that could not be used previously due to technical constraints.

SAP HANA solution is optimized towards both transactional and analytic processing. SAP HANA is a leader in in-memory processing.

SID offers a full range of services and consulting related to the in-memory SAP HANA platform, beginning with needs analysis and ending with implementation of business processes. We hold the largest number of references related to SAP HANA implementations which confirms our expertise in this area.

We have prepared a special, Proof of Concept demonstration for organizations that want to learn about the wide range of possibilities offered by the SAP HANA solution. This demonstration allows the user to familiarize himself with the platform and lets decision-makers see new analytic scenarios, that weren’t available before. The service is available in two versions: on-premise and cloud.

In 2014 we have received the SAP Recognized Expertise SAP HANA certificate, that confirms SID’s competence in this area and states, that we have met very strict requirements, which include client references and having qualified and certified staff available. 

SID also owns the first European SAP HANA™.Center of Excellence in Poland. It is a competence center operated by a team of dedicated consultants and programmers who specialize in maintaining and developing the technology and analytics platforms.