Successful analytics requires reliable data preparation. This is why creating a proper data extraction, loading, quality and transformation model is an important part of designing the platform.

Choosing the right approach guarantees achieving reliable results of analyses and predictions.

Our product portfolio covers full spectrum of needs – from structural data, through event data and ending with non-structural data from sources such as social media. By conducting an in-depth analysis of clients’ needs and using our experience we offer an approach based on products such as:

  • SAP Data Services – integration, transformation and data management
  • SAP Information Steward – data quality is of utmost importance
  • SAP Replication Server – transferring and synchronizing data between applications in real time
  • SAP Event Stream Processor (ESP) – event analysis and processing as they occur
  • SAP HANA – in-memory platform that includes database mechanisms and mechanisms that allow for feeding, cleaning and managing data